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IP Telephone system

Increase the productivity in your company by saying goodbye to your old phone system. Improve the communication between employees by offering the possibility of answering phone calls outside of the office at no cost and receive voicemails and faxes via email.
Globalize your company by interconnecting your remote branch offices and redirecting all of your phone calls to one centralized phone system by utilizing the internet what will save you 50% of costs towards your communications spending.
The future of phone system is IP, allow your company to be part of the select group of enterprises enjoying the benefits of having an IP phone system.
Administrating your phone system was never easier thanks to the administration WEB panel, one click can easily add extensions and monitor your company phone system activity without leaving your desk.
Your cost per station is the lowest in the market, contact us and we can schedule a consultation to provide you with the change in your company that will save you money.

Increase the productivity of your employees with a unique messaging service

In the corporate world, in which the volume of information is diverse and constantly growing, it is always important and necessary to be up to speed, have control and security over business information.
The unique communication solutions we offer are ideal for a company that has the desire to improve their data management. We provide the integration of the most utilized features such as voicemail and email.
The principal value of the unified communications is the capacity to reduce human error in the business processes.
Our system offers your company, a complete solution for the design and implementation of the most advanced communications platform in the market.

voip-squeTake your extention wherever you want and speak with your clients as if you were in the office

In the actual market, a missed phone call can indicate the loss of a big contract, with the IP phone system you are able to take your extension wherever you go, the compatibility with software phones (softphones), IP phones that support SIP protocol and a majority of smartphones (Iphone, HTC, Palm), allows you to stay connected with your office in any part of the world. In a case where IP coverage is not available, we are able to forward the calls towards your cellphone.
Due to the fact that our system is compatible with 99% of commercial and noncommercial brands makes this the ideal option to select when choosing your IP-PBX.
We prefer recommending and working with the best brands, without a doubt you as the client and company have the final say on the solutions we offer.

Elastix is compatible with a majority of brands:

  • Yealink
  • Polycom
  • 3com
  • Cisco
  • Linksys
  • Grandstream
  • Aastra
  • Snom
  • Redfone
  • Digium
  • Openvox
  • Sangoma

Administration via Webvoip-link

Manage your system in the simplest way without worrying where you are.
Adding an extension was never easier. The system administrator has an exclusive panel accessible through the web that is easy to understand and gives the administrator full control of the platform. The administrator will be able to perform tasks like:
add and remove extensions
add and remove voicemails boxes
redirect calls
check phone call recordings
check backup

Save on costs

Save money with an IP phone system.
Not only do you save money with this system but you can customize to your liking. You can add or remove features depending on what you need for your company.
Your company will no longer have to pay per extension, sky is the limit. You will be able to create the most intricate automated voice answering system to follow the needs of your business and you will be able to give your touch to the phone system with custom recordings.
Program call groups and don’t miss any calls just because a line is being utilized. You can customize the music on hold.
Connect your remote offices and starting today save on long distance national and international call.
Select from our advanced options which include automatic voicemail transfer that you can access from your cell phone.
Employees will also be able to work from virtually anywhere.

As your company grows your PBX system will also grow with you.

Interconnect your remote offices via a different central or directly from your extensions by using the internet. This will save you money on national and international calls.
Route calls directly to your cell phone since most smart phones support IP connections and this allows you to answer your calls from anywhere.
The system can utilize the existing cables in your current company (minimum CAT5E), use a voice line in order to support the existing cables the phone will need two Ethernet ports and this way you will save money on cable installation.
Our phone system is an economical solution because it is easy to install and maintain. It will significantly help complete your objectives and will give you the ability to expand securely without restrictions.

What are you waiting for?

Jump into the IP phone system world and let us show you all of the possibilities.

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