User Control Panel

User Control Panel

The Control Panels give you a wide range of flexibility and options including Web-Restore, Custom Reports, Online Backup Statistics, and software downloads.

User Dashboard
From this section users can view their overall backup statistics, along with a listing of backup sets, status of jobs, quicklinks to backup reports, visualizations of usage, remaining space, and retention area. Any and all important data end users need to see is located from this centralized location

Usage Overview
Monthly space usage over time
Backup Jobs Recent Status

Backup Sets
The Backup Sets area allows end users to change a variety of settings, including changing source files and directories, setting schedules, enabling in-file delta options, volume shadow copy, permissions, transfer block sizes, filters, retention policy, network authentication, custom commands, and much more.
Manage Backup Settings Online
Update Software Backup Settings

File Explorer
The File Explorer is the central utility for Users to view, restore, and manage their backup files. From this section any customer can navigate through their backup sets, download selected copies, view their entire volume size, look at the last modified timestamp, and check their compression ratios.
Delete data stored on server
Restore data from any location
View retention

User Reports
From here end users can view detailed reports outlining their backup sets, accounting for exact date and time. The report statistics include the amount of files that are new, deleted, updated, and moved. Also included in these numbers are the total area of storage, retention, space used and respective quotas.
View monthly backup job statuses
View daily backup job reports
Easily view backup jobs needing attention